Hi, I’m Fumi.
I show you traditional New Year’s food in Japan, Nanakusa Rice Porridge.

Traditional winter food in Japan

What’s Nanakusa-gayu, rice porridge?

“Nanakusa-gayu” means ” rice porridge with the seven herbs”.
In Japan, we ear the seven herbs rice porridge, Nanakusa-gayu, in the morning of January 7th.

After big meal of New ‘year’s holidays and it’s really good for your health.

Why Japanese eat this rice porridge?

To protect oneself against evils, invite good luck and longevity by eating the seven herbs that endure the cold winter.

Here are ingredients

Ingredients seven herbs Japanese rice porridge

seven herbs
cooked white rice
a pinch of salt

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How to cook?

1.Prepare some cooked rice and 7 herbs.It doesn’t matter if it is left over rice.

2.Wash 7 herbs, cut it all.

3. Boil some water in a pot, add rice and herbs.

4.Add salt to your taste.

Best traditional Japanese Food

If your stomach isn’t fine after you ate big Christmas holiday meals, try to cook this rice porridge. Enjoy eating the 7 herbs rice porridge!