Japanese go to shrine on the New Year traditionally

Hi, I’m Fumi.
I tell you a New Year’s traditional things in Japan!

Many Japanese go to shrine near their house or trip to a famous shrine far away from their house from the New Year’s Eve to 3rd January.

Japanese buy new amulets to wish for the new year.
They bring the old ones and returned to the shrine and they are burned.

Many people are line for a long at major shrines in Japan.

Buy something to bring luck at a shrine, Japan

I introduce good luck things that you can get at shrines in Japan.
You have to be in line if you want to get them on the New Year.

Arrow, in Japanese shrine

My mom always bought the golden arrows named “hamaya”.
It protect us from bad things.

How to get Japanese arrow at shrine

Bamboo rake charm brings happiness and prosperity in business.
Japanese believe it “grabs luck in our business.”

Happiness, Bamboo rake in Japan

I’ve never gotten it before I become self-employment.
Recently, I get this bamboo rake charm or good luck charms.

Good luck charm, Japanese shrine

You’ll variety of good luck charms ”omamori” there.
Avoid for disaster, have a safe delivery of their child, keep or have good business and so on.

For example, my daughter always get it for studying well and hang it on her bag that she brings to school every day.

My dad sometimes bought for safe driving and hang it in his car when I was a child.

Get them anytime in Japan

Did you miss the chance to visit Japan in the New Year?
Don’t be worry 🙂

You can buy them anytime!
Enjoy choosing variety of good luck charms at a shrine in Japan.