Hi, I’m Fumi.
What’s up?

I tell you old tradition in Japan.
Today’s theme is “Why Japanese take off their shoes?”

To Take Off Shoes In Japan

Were you surprised about taking shoes off in a room when you visit Japan?
There are some reason why we take shoes off indoors.

Traditional Japanese style tatami rooms

Japanese traditional houses have tatami mat room.
Tatami mats are made of straw and soft, and smooth surface that covers the base.

The thick base is made of dried straw.
We sit there directly, and also we make futons(traditional bedding) on the floor.

So, we always have to keep the clean there.

The best way after you take your shoes off

When you visit someone’s house at the entrance.
If you see slippers prepared at someone’s house, you can wear it.

When you go to a restaurant that has tatami room, you have to take your shoes off at the entrance of the room or before you take a seat.

Trouble of my shoes in the U.K.

I lived in a homestay program with a local family in the U.K.

home stay in England

I didn’t bring slippers from Japan, so I had to spend with same shoes all day long for one month.

My shoes gradually smelled bad, so I couldn’t bear to wear it a few days before I go back to Japan.

Have you ever experienced like this, if you haven’t a custom to take your shoes off in your country?

Stayed with slippers in the U.S.A.

My family stayed at long-term stay hotel in America.
We always took our shoes off the entrance and wore slippers.

But housekeeper never took her shoes off while she was cleaning our room:
( I think that she was confused when she saw our shoes at the entrance.

At that time, my daughter attended a pre-school and she was confused to take a nap in a bed with her shoes.

shoes off at the entrance in Japan

While you stay in Japan, you can keep your toes and shoes clean.
Enjoy siting directly on a tatami room!