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Hi, I’m Fumi. While you stay in Tokyo, you’ll come to Shinjyuku Station once.Because it said that the busiest train station in Tokyo, and 16 JR Lines and other railways and Tokyo Metro Lines stop at this station.

If you stop at Shinjyuku Station, you’ll be confused what exits you should go through.I changed trains there many times, and I probably understood that construction while I went there over ten times.In this article, I tell you what gates you have to go through in order to go where you want to go!

Explore in Huge Shinjyuku Station, Tokyo

You can check where you are now on the information board. I sometimes check where I am in order not to get lost! There are 16 JR Lines and some Tokyo Metro Lines there.

I sometimes take a time to find the platform where I have to go, and I run if I haven’t enough time to get in. Each gate has ticket vending machine and it tells you how to buy them in English or other languages.

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Each gate shows you a different atmosphere. Inside the New South Gate, Kousyu-gaido Get and Mirainatower gate show you fancy goods shops, bento store, sweets as souvenirs and side dish stores.

It’s fun to looking at them that you won’t buy anything. While you stay at Airbnb, you can pick up some side at the deli and share with your family or friends.

Then, inside the South Gate, you can buy some of very popular Train Bento from all over Japan. The bento shop is also open at Tokyo Station and the shop is bigger than Shinjyuku Station’s one.

But if you haven’t time to explore Tokyo Station, you can get some special train bento here and enjoy eating Japanese style bento.

Nobody knows what will happen to us, If you are tired or feel sick and need some cosmetics immediately, you can get them at a drug store.

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While you walk here, you also find luggage locker. I recommend you put your big backpacks or luggage before you walk around in Tokyo. You don’t have to carry heavy bags.

The East gate and the West gate are in underground. There’s nothing special inside these gates, but you’ll find a sweet potato shop and a cafeteria. I recommend you buy something to drink or foods before you go through these gates.

Where to go from Shinjyuku Station, Tokyo

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First of all, where is the best place you want to go? Many tourists visit Shinjyuku Gyoen that has Japanese garden. You can get there easily from South gate or East south gate.

You also enjoy Luxury boutiques shopping at Takashimaya department store or reasonable price clothes and general goods shops in some building near Shinjyuku Station. When you are tired, you can take a break at nice cafeterias.

Second, after you go through the East gate, it’s easy to get to Kabukicyo and Shinjyuku Golden-gai that are very popular Tokyo night life for tourists. I’ve never been there at night, but I went there afternoon.

Most of the shops, bars and restaurants closed, so it wasn’t fun. If you are interested in those areas, I recommend you go there at night. Until outside gets dark, you’ll enjoy mode and fantastic stores in Isetan department store and many shops around there.

Then, you’ll enjoy eating Japanese street foods at Japanese bars or restaurants that we call Omoide-yokocyo near the West gate. I visited there twice and some of bars opened.

Over 50 Japanese style restaurants there, so I recommend you go there at night too, like Kabukicho. I see many Chinese at Yodobashi Camera that sell electric appliances. You can find fine cameras or other products you need.

And you also enjoy Luxury boutiques shopping at Odakyu department store. If you need to get in Limousine bus to go to Narita Airport or get in other express buses, you have to go to the West gate.

Finally, if you want to see the wonderful Tokyo view from somewhere high place, you try to go to the Tokyo Government Office from the West gate or South gate. It’s one of the famous places for tourists.

You also see several famous hotels and business buildings near there. Are you ready to come to Shinjyuku Station? There are many information written in English, Chinese and Korea so you won’t be lost:) Enjoy exploring at Shinjyuku Station!

Information about Shinjyuku Station,Tokyo

Guide to Shinjyuku Station, Tokyo in Japan.

Adress 3 choume Shinjyuku Tokyoto
Business Time (JR Reservation Ticke Offices)
South Gate: from 5:30 am to 11:00 pm
West Gate Underground: from 5:30 am to 11:00 pm
(View Plaza)
East Gate: from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm (weekday), from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm(weekend, holiday)
New South Gate: from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm
Access Bus, Train and taxi from Narita Airport and Haneda Airport
Languages Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean
Telephone number 050-2016-1600
JR Web site Japanese:

If you want to know more about Shinjyuku Station, you can check the official site.
【The official site, Shinjyuku Station】