Disney Cars, toy car store in Tokyo Station, TOMICA shop

Hi, I’m Fumi. I introduce the Best toy car shop, TAKARA TOMMY, TOMICA shop in Tokyo Station underground mall, Tokyo character street. Have you ever been to Tokyo Station Underground shopping mall, Gransta?

Where is the TOMICA shop at Character street in Tokyo Station?

It’s very useful and convenient for tourist in Tokyo. It’s nice mall to get bento, side dishes and Tokyo souvenirs. You can get there easily after getting off trains at Tokyo station underground.

You have to go out of the Yaesu underground Central ticket gate after you get off a train to get to the TOMICA shop. If you are out of the Tokyo Station, you can get to there before you go through the ticket gate.

Most parents and grandparents buy toy car at TOMICA shop in Japan. My father is also one of them, because he bought 2 or 3 Japanese police cars, ambulance and 2 firetrucks for his grandchild.

And we bought her a toy gas station when she was 3 years old at TOMICA’s event too. TOMICA shop has over 100 toy car products, so it’s not easy to choose the best one from them for us. I actually went to the TOMICA shop in Tokyo Station underground mall, so I share them! You can find some TOMICA goods that you want.

First, kids can play with toy car in a train, because it’s small and light. Tourist have heavy baggage, but parents don’t care

Best Buy TOMICA shop products, travel in Tokyo

TOMICA toy car’s products, stickers, travel goods in Tokyo

I recommend that you buy these stickers if you travel with your children. If your children get this, they are concentrate on putting these stickers for a long time.

It’s very useful toy while you board in airplane or getting in trains. I used to buy them for my daughter when we traveled.

We always board in airplane once a year to visit her grandparent house. She didn’t cry or speak loudly while she did it in a public transportation, so I wasn’t worry anything about her attitude at that time.

TOMICA shop toy vehicles have high quality, Tokyo Station, souvenirs

Look at various kinds of service vehicle. If you have these some of these toy cars, put them in your bag.

Because your child will play with it on a sticker book, it’s very useful. Compared to other countries, you’ll see the different type of ambulance, police car and fire truck and so on.

My daughter has the hamburger truck, and I think she still has it, but I don’t know where it is..

Fun to eat car shaped vegetables!

TOMICA car shaped kitchen products, apron and cutter

Children also like these kitchen products. My daughter liked serving rice in it and pushed it.

Rice ball looked very cute so some of kids try to eat food that they don’t like. Do you have any vegetables you can’t eat? Why don’t you try to use this fancy cutter, you’ll get over hate vegetables.

Most Japanese boys love TOMICA daily necessities

TOMICA daily products, Japan’s police car, firetrucks printed on shirts and socks, Tokyo

You can get these cool daily necessities goods, sneakers, shirts and socks. Many boys wear TOMICA shirts or sneakers at a kindergarten.

They are very colorful and cute, so some of parents buy many colors or any other size of them. Have you ever bought anything to buy in any other colors or sizes?

Very popular for boys, TOMICA car’s sneakers, shoes in Tokyo, Nippon

It’s cool souvenirs for your relatives or friend’s children from Japan. If you like STAR WARS or Disney, you also get their toy cars or planes there too!

You can buy anything you want. Fun to find your favorite toy cars or various kinds of products at TOMICA shop in Tokyo Station.

This shop opens from 10 am to 8:30 pm and open 365 days per year. You can use credit cards.

Information about TOMICA shop

I tell you how to get to the TOMICA shop at Tokyo station.

Adress Tokyoto, chiyodaku Marunouchi 1-9-1
Tokyo Station Ichibangai, Tokyo Character Street
Business Time 10:00~20:30, open 365 days per year
Access Soon , Yaesu ticket entrance
Nearest Station Tokyo Station (Tokyo Station’s Underground)
Languages Japanese
Telephone number 03-5220-1351
Shop in Tokyo, Web site http://www.takaratomy.co.jp/products/tomicashop/shop/index.htm

If you want to know more about Tokyo Character Street, you can check the official site.
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You can check some toy car’s picture on the official site.
【TOMICA shop in Tokyo Station】