Bullet Train, Shinkansen Bento, Japanese lunch box at Tokyo Station

Hi, I’m Fumi.
Have you ever eaten Japanese bento, especially eat them in train or bullet train?

You’ll be very surprised to see Japan’s Train food at Ekibennya Matsuri, Tokyo Station. You have to go through ticket gates if you want to access this Ekiben shop.

This Train Bento store is located at Tokyo Station Central Street, between the platforms 5/6 and 7/8. There are various kinds of Ekiben that means food in box lunch from all over Japan to Tokyo.

So, you don’t have to trip to many places in Japan to eat famous Japan’s Train Bento. Because you can get them at once at Tokyo Station.

Buy and Eat Popular Japanese Bento as souvenir, Tokyo Station

※Bento at Tokyo Station, JR shinkansen 駅弁屋祭

Eating Bento while we get in Shinkansen or JR train is one of the Japanese culture for a long time. We share train food with family or friends and have fun time.

I share some of very popular Train Bento from all over Japan. This octopus Bento is from Kobe.

Hixtuparidako, octopus bento, Ekiben from Kobe, Tokyo Station

This sea urchin Bento is from Iwate.

Hiraizumi unigohan, sea urchin Train Bento from Iwate, Tokyo Station

Have you ever tried to eat boiled crab?
They are soft and fluffy.

This crab shaped Ekiben is from Tottori.
After you eat it, wash it well and keep it as Japanese souvenir!

Crab shaped lunch box, Train food from Tottori, Tokyo Station

Japanese seafood is fresh and tastes good, so I recommend that you try to eat seafood train bento.

Nagoya miso katsu, hitumabusi Bento, Tokyo Station, Train food

This Ekiben from Nagoya, Aichi. Miso pork cutlet and grilled steam rice are very popular in Nagoya. Eating specialties food is a wonderful experience to know Japanese and local culture! Don’t miss pork, beef or chicken and fresh seafood Ekiben at Tokyo.

Must Buy Japan’s Popular Character’s Bento, lunch box at Tokyo Station

Hello Kitty Daruma Japanese lunch box, Bento at Tokyo Sation, Ekiben Matsuri

As you know, Hello Kitty is very famous all over the world. You can get this cute Hello kitty Daruma shaped Ekiben in Tokyo.

Daruma doll is seen as a symbol of perseverance and good luck. Just like Crab shaped Ekiben you can wash it and keep it as Japanese souvenir.

Pokeon Ekiben, limited edition 2018, Tokyo Station, Bento

When I went there, I didn’t see Pokemon Bento. Because it’s limited edition on weekend, so if you want get Pokemon Ekiben, you have to go to Tokyo Station on Saturday or Sunday!

If you travel Tokyo or another destination with your children, get these cute character’s Bento. Your kids will be excited to have them!

Of course, you can eat these lovely Ekiben too. Have a wonderful train trip from Tokyo or to Tokyo with Japanese train food, Bento in Japan!

Information about Ekibenya Matsuri

I tell you how to get to the Ekibenya Matsuri at Tokyo station.

Adress Tokyoto Chiyodaku Marunouchi 1-9-1
inside ticket gate, JR Tokyo Station, GRANSTA
Business Time 05:30 – 23:00 , open 365 days per year.
Access Soon, Yaesu Cyuou ticket entrance
Payment method Credit card, cash, suica
Nearest Station Tokyo Station
Languages Japanese
Telephone number 03-3213-4352
Shop, Web site http://www.nre.co.jp.e.yj.hp.transer.com/ekiben/tabid/227/Default.aspx

If you want to know more about Ekibenya Matsuri, you can check the official site.
【The official site, Ekibenya Matsuri in Tokyo Station】