Asakusa Nakamise Street Food, Sensouji Temple

Hi, I’m Fumi.
I tell you that famous Manjyu shop in Asakusa, Tokyo.

Have you ever eat “Manjyu” in Japan?
It’s Japanese soul sweets for a long time.

Japanese traditional sweets, Manjyu, Tokyo Street food

First, I tell you what manjyu is.
Manjyu is steamed bun and it has sweet fillings red bean paste it it.

Bun tastes like a soft bread.
Most manjyus are steamed but I found deep fried manjyu in Asakusa Shopping Street, Tokyo.

Various flavors Agemannjyu in Asakusa, near Sensouji

Did you watch the video above this sentence?
That was my first time to eat a deep fried manjyu, we call it “Agemannjyu”.

Most manjyus are not hot, because store clerk doesn’t sell immediately after Manjyus are steamed. They are getting cold, so we usually don’t get a hot Manjyu.

But we can experience to eat freshly deep fried Manjyu in Asakusa Shopping Street!
I went to Kokonoe(九重) with my husband, I got Macha( green tee red bean paste)Manjyu and he got black sesame bean paste manjyu.

Matcha wasn’t bitter because of mixing with sweet red bean paste.
Bun and paste are green, it looks naturally.

Kokonoe, Sensouji Fast Food in Asakusa, Agemanjyu, Tokyo guide

You’ll enjoy eating various kinds of taste of Agemanjyu here.
They sell pumpkin manjyu, curry manjyu, chocolate manjyu, sweet potato manjyu, chestnut manjyu and custard cream in it!

What flavors manjyu do you want to eat?
If I go there again, I try to eat sweet potato manjyu.

Because Japanese likes use sweet potato for cakes, soup, main dish with pork and cookies. I can imagine easily that taste in Manjyu.

On the other hand, I can’t imagine curry and custard cream paste’s taste.
Could you try to eat them instead of me?
You can pay them from 120 yen to 200 yen.

Careful to eat hot Agemanjyu near Sensouji, Asakusa, Tokyo

Look around Tokyo Street food, sweets, in Asakusa

Be careful to eat freshly deep fried Agemanjyu.
First, It’s hard to hold it with your fingers for a long time, because it’s really hot!!

Then, you should bite it a little bit because of burning your lips or tongue.
Deep fried bun and red bean paste are really hot!

Enjoy biting it a little bit while blowing on it.
Finally, try to eat some flavors manjyu and find your favorite one!

You can find ordinally style of steamed manjyu anywhere.
But, it’s not easy to find a deep fried manjyu store everywhere in Tokyo.

Because it was my first time to find deep fried manjyus at Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street.
Have fun to eat them before or after you see the Asakusa Sensouji, Tokyo.

Information about Asakusa Nakamise shopping street in Tokyo

I tell you how to get to Asakusa Nakamise shopping street in Tokyo.

Adress 【Asakusa Nakamise shopping street】
1-36-3 Asakusa, Taitouku, Toukyo-to
【Kokonoe(九重) 】
2-3-1, Asakusa Taitouku, Tokyo
Business Time different depending on the store
most stores open from 9:00 am to 10:00 am.
【Kokonoe(九重) 】
opens from 9:30 am to 18:00 (or 19:00 pm)
Access 5 mins on foot from Asakusa Station
Nearest Station Asakusa Station (Tobu Skytree Line, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Tsukuba express, Toei subway Asakusa Line)
Languages Japanese
Telephone number Kokonoe(九重) 03-3841-9386
Payment method Kokonoe(九重) No credit card, cash
Asakusa Nakamise shopping street, Web site Japanese web site:
English web site:
Kokonoe shop:

If you want to know more about Asakusa Nakamise shopping street, you can check the official site.
【The official site, Asakusa Nakamise shopping street 】
Japanese web site:
English web site:

【Kokonoe shop: Agemanjyu, website】