Syouchiku Kabukiya Honpo, 松竹歌舞伎屋本舗,Tokyo Station souvenir shop、東京駅土産

Do you want to get Japanese traditional things’ products as souvenir in Tokyo while you visit in Japan? We have many traditional things, so I recommend the coolest things as Tokyo souvenir for you! Can you guess about that?

Where you get the coolest Japan’s souvenir? Kabukiya

I found the coolest souvenir shop at underground shopping mall, Tokyo Station in Tokyo. It was very surprising me because I thought I have to go to Kabukiza that we see Kabuki performance in Ginza if I want to get the unique Japanese souvenirs.

You are lucky if you transfer trains at Tokyo Station, because you don’t miss your time to move to Ginza. While you wait trains or shinkansen, you’ll enjoy looking around the Kabuki souvenir shop. I think Kabuki goods are the best of Japan’s souvenir.

I saw tourists were interested in them at souvenir shop many times, and my host family and people who live in abroad were very happy when they received Kabuki goods. It’ll awesome souvenir for you or your family.

Recommend some cool Nippon traditional souvenirs, Tokyo Station

Kabuki beauty face mask, Tokyo souvenir,  歌舞伎マスク、土産

I show you some cool and unique things as Tokyo souvenirs at underground shopping mall, Tokyo Character street in Tokyo Station. First, Kabuki beauty masks make your friends or family fun while you put it on face. Why don’t you pretend Kabuki actor while you put it?

It’s moist and cool, so your skin will be better condition than now. I bought “ The Edo period Art Beauty Mask” and paid 324 yen. I used it once because it’s not recycled.

Second, you can use them at meal time, if you get bowls and mugs. We can’t get bowls or mugs that Kabuki style are printed anywhere in Japan.

Japanese lantern, cool Tokyo souvenir, Tokyo Station, Shouchiku Kabukiya Honpo, lantern

Next, lanterns are made of paper is also unique and specialty as Tokyo souvenir. Kanji, Kabuki actor’s impressive face and famous thing in Japan are printed on them. Finally, you can buy cheap and useful things there.

For example, pens, towels, fridge magnet, chopsticks and so on. While I stay at this shop, I saw some foreign tourists who are excited to look at products. Most of the products in the shop aren’t big and heavy, so they don’t take much space in your suitcase. You don’t care to carry them, hooray!

What’s Kabuki, Japanese traditional performance

Kabuki actor, Japan’s traditional performance, Kimono, 歌舞伎座

Kabuki is a Japanese traditional performance. It’s acting for 400 years. This performance consists of acting, dancing and music.

Men act on a stage, because women don’t allow to act there. So female roles are acted by actors. You’ll enjoy the background music with Japanese traditional instruments.

Some of popular things are the actor’s make up, quite unique wigs and action. Audience are attracted with them. I’ll write about Kabuki and Kabukiza that actor’s performance at another article.

Have fun and get your favorite unique souvenir in Tokyo!

Information about Shouchiku Kabukiya Honpo shop

I tell you how to get to the Shouchiku Kabukiya Honpo shop at Tokyo station.

Adress Tokyoto, chiyodaku Marunouchi 1-9-1
Tokyo Station Ichibangai, Tokyo Character Street
Business Time 10:00~20:30, open 365 days per year.
Access Soon , Yaesu ticket entrance
Nearest Station Tokyo Station (Tokyo Station’s Underground)
Languages Japanese
Telephone number 03-3211-8535
Shop in Tokyo, Web site

If you want to know more about Tokyo Character Street, you can check the official site.

【The official site, Tokyo Character Street in Tokyo Station】

You can check Shouchiku Kabukiya Honpo’s products on the official site.
【The official site, Shouchiku Kabukiya Honpo】