Bentendo, Japanese street food in Ueno park, temple, Tokyo

While you visit Tokyo, you’ll some of famous temple or shrine at popular sightseeing area. This is one of the famous temple, Shinobazu ike Bentendo as known for Spiritual energy sites. It’s located near Ueno Zoo that is famous for Panda in Tokyo.

Good luck souvenir in Ueno, Tokyo

Good luck charm as souvenir, Panda charm, Ueno, Tokyo

This temple, Shinobazuike Bentendo is said to be a spiritual energy sites. When Japanese visit a shrine or a temple, some of us buy good luck charms.

In my family’s case, we buy good luck charms once a year, a New Year. For example, we get good luck of study, health and business. I bought this good luck of money’s charm here and I tie it with my car key.

Good luck of money, charms at temple, Tokyo, Japan

You can see various kind of good luck charms here. I’ve never seen dozens of charms in a temple or shrine.

There are various kinds of good luck charm, for example, for good health, longevity, romantic relationships, safe travel, safe drive, and so on.

Children will be happy to get Panda shaped, snake shaped and Benzaiten shaped charms. Snake is said to be the embodiment of the God.

Benzaiten is the goddess of music, beauty, wisdom and good luck of money. So,this temple sells a lot of charms for good fortune.

Things to make your wish, temple in Ueno, Tokyo

Emma, write down your wish, a temple in Japan, Tokyo

Ema is a something to express your wish and thankfulness. Write down your address, name and your wish or your thank-you message on a wood board.

I found the unique shaped of a red wood board here. Benzaiten has this shaped musical instrument, Biwa. If you make your wish of music, wisdom or good luck of money, I recommend that get this board and write down your wish on it!

琵琶絵馬、make your wish on a wood board in Tokyo, temple

I want to come back here with my daughter when we go to Ueno Zoo or museums in Ueno. Because I want to buy Panda charm or cute charm for her, and recommend her to write her wish on this Biwa shaped Emma.

That’s why she has curiosity to study at school! Don’t miss this spiritual energy place in Ueno hen you trip to Tokyo.

Information about Bentendo Temple

I tell you how to get to the Bentendo Temple in Tokyo.

Adress Tokyoto Taitouku Uenokouen 2-1
Business Time 09:00~17:00, open 365 days per year.
Access About 10 mins from Ueno station on foot
Nearest Station Ueno Station
Languages Japanese
Telephone number 03-3821-4638
Web site

If you want to know more about Bentendo temple, you can check the official site.
【The official site, Bentendo temple】