Rice crackers are wrapped with origami that looks like a kimono

Have you ever visited Japan during Sakura season from the end of March to the middle of April? If you trip to Tokyo and go to several famous spots for Cherry Blossoms Viewing, you’ll see street food or snack stands there.

Japanese snacks stand in Shinjyuku Gyoen is a quite different from others. They don’t sell typical Japanese street snacks that smells strong. For example, takoyaki,okonomiyaki, grilled chicken and so on.

You can get Sakura flavor’ snacks, miso soup and amazake( a sweet drink made from fermented rice) here. While you enjoy Sakura watching, you can taste Sakura flavor’s snacks.

Many tourist includes Japanese buy these snacks because of the price. They aren’t expensive. You can get Imagawayaki that filled with sweet red bean paste like a waffle and fried sweet potato that is called “daigakuimo” any time while you stay in Japan during any seasons.

But Sakura flavored snacks are limited products. Let me show you some representative snacks during Cherry Blossom Season in Japan.

Best to eat Sakura flavored snacks at Cherry Blossom Season

Amazake, fermented Japanese rice drink, hot beverage, Japan

Have you ever drunk Amazake? This is not Sakura Flavored snack, but I found it at Shinjyuku Gyoen. It was surprised at me.

The reason why I always find it at shrine in the New Years or Setubun Festivals in cold winter. I’ve never drunk it because it tasted gross when I was a kid.

It was cooked with uncooked rice and malted rice, so some of Japanese say it taste sweet. It’s a hot so you keep warm yourself in cold days. Why don’t you try to have it once while you visit Japan!

Delicious and beautiful Sakura flavored cake roll in Japan

You can enjoy seeing and eating Pink Sakura flavored cake roll with whipped cream or sweet red bean paste in it during spring season in Japan. It is sole everywhere for example, convenience store, cake shop, stand at station, street food stand and stores.

You also find Candied flower that is top of cakes. It looks gorgeous and brilliant like Cherry Blossoms. At Shinjyuku Gyoen, Sakura flavored sponge with whipped cream cake and cake roll with strawberry whipped cream are sold. a piece of strawberries contained in them.

konpeitou, colorful sugar plum

Finally, I found Japanese sugar plum at Sakura flavor snack stand. When I was a kid, my grandparents and mom sometimes enjoyed eating it.

It’s my mom’s favorite snacks. It’s star shaped tiny sugar candy and sweet. Your friends of family will be happy to get it as Japanese Kawaii souvenirs.

They are so cute that it’s good products to display in your room or on your desk in an office. Then, they are not heavy, very light so you can pack two or three Japanese sugar plum’s packages in your backpack!

I’m happy if you experience or get unique seasonal Japanese snacks in Tokyo.