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Hi, I’m Fumi. Recently, driving go kart in Tokyo street becomes popular for tourist. Especially for foreign tourists. When I saw it first in Tokyo, I thought it was something events for promoting.

But it wasn’t true. Driving go kart is one of Tokyo sightseeing exciting activity! While you drive Mario car, you can wear super Mario character’s costumes or others.

You’ll enjoy seeing Tokyo street view from go kart if you have a passport, international driver’s license, Japanese driver’s license or a SOFA license. In this article, I share some sightseeing driving course and accident of Maricar news.

About 10 Courses Driving Mario Go Kart in Tokyo

You can choose about 10 course to drive MariCar on the Tokyo public street. You enjoy driving MariCar at Akihabara, Tokyo Station, Ginza, Ueno, Asakusa, Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, Boat Cruise, Ryogoku, Tokyo Dome, Shibuya, Shinagawa, Tokyo Gate Bridge and Tokyo Bay.

Each MariCar shops have different courses, so I recommend that you choose the course first and book the shop you go. If you rent Mario car at MariCAR Shibuya shop, you can drive Shibuya, Harajuku and Omotesando that are famous shopping and sightseeing in Tokyo.

If you can’t visit Tokyo, you can enjoy simulating an experience of driving MariCar in your house. Go on You Tube and search Mario Kart videos. Shops have powerful 4k action camera, so I think you can borrow or rent it and put it on a MariCar.

You can also bring your own camera on a car to record where you drive. After you go back to your country, go kart video reminds you exiting Tokyo experience. Which course do you want to go?

Accident of MariCar in Tokyo

Tokyo, MariCar, go kart, Tokyo sightseeing, driving, costumes, Mario, Maricar, accident,  Akihabara, Asakusa, Shibuya, Shinagawa, Ueno,

Driving with MariCar is fantastic for tourist, but we had 15 MariCar accidents in Tokyo, 2017. I want to tell you about safety aspects. First, go kart is treated like a motorcycle, so we don’t need a helmet and seat belt while we ride on it.

But drivers who drive trucks, buses and other vehicles can’t see you, because MariCar’s body is low. So I think that you should wear a helmet for your safety. Then, I tell you some actions that we shouldn’t do while we are in MariCar.

First, get off a car while waiting for a traffic light to change. Second, take selfie while driving. Then, touch vehicles from your kart. These acts are said that there is a possibility of violating the safety obligations violation.

I hope you drive MariCar safely and be careful of big vehicles around you.

How to get to MariCar Shibuya shop in Tokyo

Tokyo, Shibuya, how to go, where to go, map, Shibuya Station, Keio Inogashira Line, Shinsen statin, MariCar Shibuya shop

MariCar Shibuya shop is located near Shinsen Station, Keio Inogashira Line. If you get off there, walk about 3 mins to this shop. You walk about 10 mins to the shop from JR Shibuya Station. Enjoy driving Mario Go Kart at Tokyo.

Information about MariCAR Shibuya in Tokyo

I tell you where you find MariCAR Shibuya.

Adress 15-3 Maruyama-Cho Shibuya ward Tokyo
Business Time 10:00 am to 22:00 pm
Access Walk about 3 mins from Shinsen station, walk about 10 mins from Shibuya Station
Nearest Station Shinsen station(Keio Inogashira Line), Shibuya Station(JR, Tokyo Metro)
Languages Japanese, English
Telephone number +81-80-8899-8899
Web site

If you want to know more MariCAR Shibuya, you can check the official site.

【The official site,】

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