Hi, I’m Fumi. What’s up?
I always introduce about traditional culture in Japan.

But I tell you about public transportation today.
And also, I compare with British public transportation and America’s public transportation too.

Japanese Public Transportation bus

Do trains and buses come on time where you are from?
In Japan, public transportation- trains, buses arrive on time.

I took it for granted that trains and buses arrive on time.
But I heard that public transportation doesn’t arrive on time in other countries.

Does bus arrive on time in U.S.A?

I’ve been to the U.S.A before.
I never saw someone stood on a bus stop.

So, I was worried whether I can get on it or not.
I wanted to arrive at library earlier before storytelling start.

Japanese train with kid

My daughter was 3 years old at that time.
So, I wanted to pick up a bus to get to a library or preschool.

Finally, we walked to a library or preschool from our hotel every day.
I worried about her physical strength, but she looked happy to get red leaves and kick stones.

I couldn’t bear to wait a bus for a long time there.
Because I’ve never waited for long at the bus stop in Japan.

Do you in line at a bus stop?

Do you wait in line while you are at a bus stop or a station?

In Tokyo, people are in line while they wait a train.
But some people sometimes cut in line…

in line at a public bus stop in Japan

I tell you a gentleman who I met in U.K.
I was a student at that time.

I and my friend were in line at a bus stop.
The man stood in line in front of us.

But he let go us ahead of him.
On the other hand, in my hometown, people don’t get in line at a bus stop.

Bus always comes on time, but people doesn’t keep the rules.
Some people push hard!

Anyway, you aren’t worried to be late when you go somewhere else in Japan unless it has a trafic accident.

Enjoy traveling Tokyo or Japan by public transportation!