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Hi, I’m Fumi. I introduce the Best toy train shop, TAKARA TOMMY, PLARAIL shop in Tokyo Station underground mall, Tokyo character street.

I recommend that you get special toy JR trains or shinkansen toy for you children. Kids can play with toy train in train, because it’s small and light. Because tourist have heavy bags, but parents don’t care of keeping some toy trains!

PLARAIL shop has many toy train products, It’s impossible for me to count all of them! It’s not easy to choose the best one. I share some products in this article, so you can find some goods that you want.

3 Best buy toy trains at PLARAIL SHOP in Tokyo

First, railroads are made of plastic. PLARAIL shop sells various kinds of railroads, so you or your children can connect them as you like.

You can also get bridges and train turntable. If you make long railroads, your toy trains run in living room, dining room, kitchen and some rooms.

JR, shinkansen toy controller, train driver, PLARAIL,マスコン北海道新幹線はやぶさ、おもちゃ、プラレール, Tokyo

Second, JR or Shinkansen controller toys. You or your children can be a train driver. It has over 30 different sounds in that toy. Some push buttons and bar on it, so you feel like driving trains or shinkansen.

My daughter usually enjoyed playing it at a store and she asked me to buy it as a birthday present! Third, everybody knows this toy train, Thomas that is famous in the world. Toy Thomas’s wheels move, so it runs on railroads.

You can also get Thomas’s friends. It sells some of railroads set toys too, but it doesn’t contain toy train. While I looked around in this shop, elder couples are from other country looked at Thomas toy trains.

I think that their grandchildren like Thomas! Don’t miss to get special toy trains that you see only in Japan!

2 delighted PLARAIL souvenirs for kids

water bottle shaped of Shinkansen, Japan, Tokyo train, JR, cool souvenir, Tokyo station

This shop sells many pretty and fancy products except for toy trains. I’ll show you 2 awesome goods, First, water bottles are shaped of Shinkansen.

You have to pay over twice for it, compare with water bottle normally. But your kids or friend who love trains will be excited to get them.

After drink water they can keep it and they will pour water in it again. Next, pre-packaged curry and chicken hamburg steak. They are sweet and chemical seasoning additive free, and you can get a train sticker.

Children like collecting stickers, don’t they? Children will be excited to eat it and you don’t have to cook at that time, hooray!

5 Must Buy supplies for kids at PLARAIL SHOP in Tokyo

PLARAIL living ware, supply for children, toy trains, Japan, Tokyo, souvenirs, プラレール土産,東京駅

First, bags and backpacks. You find shinkansen shaped backpacks and famous trains are printed on bags. Nowadays, Children learn many things after school or weekends, so they can put things what they need in it.

Second, goods in bath room. Trains or shinkansen are printed on it too, so your children or friends have exciting time while they take a bath. You can find bath bombs that contains a train in. You’ll get excited just waiting what trains come out.

Next, plates are made of plastic. These plates, bowels and cups are very useful if you have children. They usually drop them and sometimes play with food, don’t they?

Parents or grandparents don’t have to worry about damage or break for tableware. I think that children are really happy to wait meals while their parents prepare of them with fancy train plates and cups.

shinkansen water bottle, plates, folk, spoons, toy train’s tableware, Tokyo, souvenir, Tokyo station, プラレール食器、プラレール水筒

Then, bottles and bento boxes. They also are printed trains or shinkansen on them like tableware. When my daughter was a kindergartener, most boys brought these goods. They can’t wait for lunch time. These are awesome Tokyo souvenirs.

Finally, living ware for examples toothbrush, handkerchief, tissue, socks and sneakers. These goods are sell well, because these are necessities for kids daily lives, aren’t they?

They bring them to school every day, and teacher check whether they bring them or not.

PLARAIL all products are very colorful and easy to use or play and safety, I think. Most Japanese kids boy keep some PLARAIL goods once in a childhood. My daughter also had shinkansen sneakers when she was 4 years old! Some girls like toy train too.

These goods are really cool souvenirs for your relatives or friend’s children from Japan. You can buy anything you want. Fun to find your favorite toy cars or various kinds of products at PLARAIL shop in Tokyo Station.

How to get to PLARAIL SHOP, toy trains in Tokyo Station

Where is the PLARAIL shop, toy train in Tokyo Station?

Have you ever been to Tokyo Station Underground shopping mall, Gransta? It’s very useful and convenient for tourist in Tokyo. It’s nice mall to get bento, side dishes and Tokyo souvenirs.

You can get there easily after getting off trains at Tokyo station on. You have to go out of the Yaesu underground Central ticket gate after you get off a train. If you are out of the Tokyo Station, you can get there before you go through the ticket gate.

Information about PLARAIL SHOP at Tokyo Station

I tell you where the PLARIL SHOP is in Tokyo Station underground shopping mall.

Adress 1-9-1 Marunouchi chiyodaku, Tokyoto
Tokyo Station Ichibangai, Tokyo Character Street
Business Time 10:00 am to 8:30 pm, open 365 days per year
Access Near Yaesu exit, Tokyo Station
Nearest Station Soon, Tokyo Station
Languages Japanese
telephone 03-3286-3211
PLARAIL SHOP, web site

If you want to know more about PLARAIL SHOP at Tokyo Station, you can check the official site.

【The official site, PLARAIL SHOP at Tokyo Station】
Japanese web site: