Hi, I’m Fumi.
I tell you old tradition in Japan.

tooth fairy

Have you ever heard ” tooth fairy”?
Tooth fairy puts a quarter under a pillow if you put your tooth which fell out.

But our tradition is totally different from that.
What do Japanese do if our tooth fell out?

my tooth fell out

First, I throw lower tooth on a roof of my house.
Because lower tooth grows up.

throw lower tooth on a roof

Then, I burry upper tooth in sand.
Because upper tooth comes out toward the buttom.

Nowadys, We can get lovely boxes to keep all baby teeth in them.
One of my friend got it.

keep baby teeth in a tooth box

By the way, I became tooth fairy once when my daughter fell out her tooth.
Because we love this fairy story, so I wanted to try it.
But she was afraid of a tooth fairy, so she was in my bed.

The next day, she started to cry when she saw a coin.
Surprisingly, she missed her baby tooth!

After that she keeps her baby teeth in her toy box.
I wonder how many teeth she wants to keep.
I don’t want to see them.

If your son or daughter keep their teeth, let me know the way to keep them.
Thank you for reading an interesting childhood event in Japan!
See ya!