Hi, I’m Fumi.
What’s up?

I tell you old tradition in Japan.
Today’s theme is a Christmas cards.

Custom of seasonal greeting card

Japanese Christmas Cards - Greeting & Photo Cards

I think you always send Christmas cards to your friends and family who live far away from your house. Japanese, but doesn’t have a habit to send a Christmas cards each other.

Nowadays, I can find adorable various kinds of Christmas cards at book stores or stationary stores. So some people will send it.

What do Japanese feel when they get Christmas cards

New Year's card in Japan

A few years ago, I sent it to my friends, but they were confused.
Today, I am telling you what happened to me when I sent Christmas cards.

First of all, I sent Christmas cards to my friend who we sometimes met and talked about parenting at place to support child care.

They sent me New year cards instead of Christmas cards.
I wanted to receive a Christmas cart too.

When we met at one of our friend’s house, they told me they were confused whether they had to send me a Christmas cards or not.
And they also didn’t know that the Christmas cards have a message of a New Year.

One of New Year's card in Japan

Next, I tell you my grandpa’s and my great grandpa’s attitude when he got a Christmas card from me. My grandpa wasn’t interested in foreign country’s culture.

And also he respected our old traditions.
So he was angry with me that I didn’t send a New year’s card.

New year’s card is more important for him than a Christmas card.
On the other hand, my great grandpa was so delighted to receive it from me.

Because he learned English and had a Canadian friend at that time.
Elder people showed me 2 types of different attitude. It’s very interesting, isn’t it?

Christian in Japan write Christmas cards!

Japan churches

Then, I tell you what I saw at a church on the Christmas day.
I’m not a Christian, but I sometimes go to a church near my house.

Because praying was a part of my life and sometimes I went to church on Sunday while I was a student.

Christian gave Christmas cards each other and they gave me and my daughter a Christmas card too!

We were so happy so my daughter drew pictures and gave pictures to them.
Finally, most Japanese don’t have a habit to send a Christmas card, but Christian or some people give or receive it.

I hope that we send a Christmas cards like New year’s card in a few years!