According to the legend, we shouldn’t clip our nails in the evening in Japan.
Why? Can you guess the reason?

Japanese nail clippers

My mom, dad or grandparents sometimes told me that I shouldn’t cut my nail in the evening. I didn’t know the meanings of it.

It was easy to cut my nail after taking a bath, because my nail became soft.
It was sometimes hard for me to cut hard nails.

You lost your fingers!

I tell you 2 reasons that we shouldn’t cut our nails in the evening.

Long time ago, our ancestor hadn’t a light.
They lid a fire on candles, so they couldn’t see well in the evening.

Japanese traditional candle

In the addition, they hadn’t a nail clipper.
They used a knife when they cut their nails.

I wonder some of them cut their nails.
I think that the one of the reasons not to cut our nails in the dark evening.

Not lack of filial piety

I tell you the other story of this legend.
If you cut your nails with knife in a dark room, what happen to you?

You cut your finger by mistake and it’ll bleed.
Bleed to death. You’ll past away before your parents.

kid's crying with hurt finger

So, parents or grandparents told their children or grandchildren not to cut nails at night, I guess.

What do you think of this legend in Japan?
Do you believe this or not?

I wonder whether you have the same legend or not where you are from.
Thank you for reading this article.

Have fun to know Japanese traditional customs!