Hi, I’m Fumi.
What’s up?

I tell you old tradition in Japan.
Today’s theme is winter food-Hot Pot Dish.

traditional Seasonal Japanese winter Food

Comfort hot winter food

We have delicious winter food in a big clay pot.
We cook it at a table and share a warm and healthy meal with friends or family together.

This dish helps busy housewives and elder people.
We just put a lot of ingredients that you want to eat in a pot.

Easy to cook

Easy to cook Japanese food-hot pot

I recommend to cook this for winter.
Because, I don’t have to keep standing for a long time and cut many ingredients in a kitchen.

I just cut chickens or pork and tear vegetables.
Each person takes meals that they want by themselves.

An we use one bowl, so I don’t have to wash many plates!
This hot pot brings happy time to housewives.

Get a prepared soup mix

Nowadays, we can get many kinds of prepared soup mix at stores.
I usually don’t cook a hot pot dish with the soup.

But this is very useful for busy person or people who want to take a short cut to cook.

Health for your body

We put fish or some meats and a bunch of vegetables without burning, grilling and frying.
We just boil them, so this dish is so healthy for you.

How to Eat Authentic Japanese Cuisine

Before I finish eating, I sometimes add rice or Udon noodle in it.
We have quality time to share food and chat with family or friends.