Hi, I’m Fumi.
I tell you curious things in Japan!

Do you have an original exercise where you are from?
Japanese have an original exercise traditionally for a long time.

Japanese elder people’s habit, exercise

We call it “radio taiso-radio exercise”.
Because we listen to the song from a radio when we do the exercise.

It’s very old well-known exercise in Japan.

How Japanese learn this traditional radio exercise

Japanese kids do traditional exercise

When Japanese start to go to an elementary school, we learn it at Physical Education class.

Before the class starts, we always do the exercise, and also we do it at the beginning of the school sports day.

It means warming up!
When I was a student, I always do it at P.E., swimming class, and tennis club.

Recently, some of the school have an original warming up.
So I don’t see this radio exercise at my daughter’s sports festival.

You can keep your body’ health

Do you go to a gym or usually do exercise?
I always use computer, so I sit for a long everyday.

I have stiff shoulders, backache, and the swelling of my legs.
But I feel better after I do this radio exercise.

Because I move my arms widely, bend and stretch of my legs.
So,my body becomes warm gradually.
I can concentrate on my work again!

How do Japanese stretch, workout traditionally?

I always see elder people who do radio exercise when I stay at my grandparents house in my hometown.

My grandparent’s house stands in front of a river, and many people visit the river because of the famous place to sightseeing.

Every early morning, elder people do radio exercise.
So I open the window by the river and did it too.
I always stay there in a hot summer, so I feel relax and comfortable after I did it.

I recommend you for doing this exercise every morning, if you have stiff shoulders and backache. Moving your body gives you energy or releases your stress!

Why don’t you try to do Japanese traditional exercise?