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Hi, I’m Fumi. Do you have a celebration for father, father‘s day in your country? We have this day in June. It’s a day when fathers receive cards and gifts from their children.

It’s said that this celebrate day has started spread in Japan about 37 years ago. Department stores sell some products as father’ day gifts. I tell you what kinds of good we send to our dad on this day in Japan.

Fancy and Unique Father’s Day Cards in Tokyo, Japan.

Kids make something special for their day until father‘s day. For example, I made some cards to massage his body or help something to do with him when I was a child. I also draw him on a paper at a kindergarten.

In my daughter’s case, she made thanks card with origami at school and write lovely message on it. She made some thicket to help her dad at home, for example, wash his body at bathroom, massage his body and so on. I think most kids make something for dad without paying much money.

Nowadays, we can get fancy, cool and unique celebration cards for father‘s day at stationary shops. I got beer shaped card and small fan card for my dad and my in-law father. Beer shaped card is pop up so he can stand it on everywhere he likes.

Small fan card is very useful because he can use it to cool down his body in a hot, muggy day in summer. He can put it in his bags, so he uses it everywhere he needs. I recommend you that you’d better to buy small fan cards for you or your family.

Various types of characters or Japanese patterns, Japanese traditional famous pictures are printed in it. It’s very popular as Japanese souvenirs!

3 recommended Japanese gifts for Father’s Day

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Children grown up buy useful things for their father. My mom and ants always buy something for their father and father in law. And now, I send coffee or Japanese sweets for my dad and father in law. If we live in same city, I’ll take them to a department store and check their body size to buy clothes or socks for them.

I always choose gifts for them in the internet and I found popular gifts in this season! I share them in this article. First, many department stores sell Japanese traditional men’s casual clothes “jinbei”. It looks like kimono, but it has short length pants and shirt.

You feel cool in hot summer night. They are not colorful, most jinbei are gray, light gray, black, navy and light blue. You wear it for night wear, some men wear it for going summer festival. I think this is very cool thing as Tokyo souvenir. Why don’t you buy some for your dad, grandfather or boyfriend?

Second, scarf to chill his neck. In these days, we have high temperature for several days in summer, Japan. Some people put on a cool scarf as heatstroke prevention. I’ve never used the scarf, but it effective to cool your body.

Then, don’t miss to get this before you leave Tokyo, fan “sensu”. This is very useful in hot and muggy seasons in Japan. My husband keeps it in his business bag. I see some men use fan in trains or street while they walk.

It sends you cool wind. I saw tourists see this product at souvenir shops and stationary stores. They are interested in it and buy as Tokyo souvenirs. You can get it at 100 yen stores or 3 coins (300 yens) shops too. It’s very cheap isn’t it? I think that fan costs over 500 yen and more at a stationary shop.

Extra edition, beer, wine and finger food also make our father happy! I recommend that you get jinbei or sensu(fan) as Japanese souvenirs if you visit Tokyo in hot season. Buying fan for you is very nice, because you feel cool while you walk around Tokyo in muggy summer days.

Information about stationary shop in Tokyo, itoya Ginza

I tell you how to get to itoya Ginza, Tokyo. You can get seasonal unique cards here.

Adress 2-7-15, ginza cyuouku , Tokyoto
Business Time 10:00~20:00 (from Monday to Saturday)
10:00~19:00(Sunday and holiday) , open 365 days per year.
Access Soon, Tokyo Metro
Nearest Station Ginza Station (Ginza line, Marunouchi Line, Hibiya line)
Ginza- itchome Station (Yurakucho Line)
Languages Japanese
Telephone number 03-3561-8311
Shop in Ginza Tokyo, Web site

If you want to know more about itoya Ginza, you can check the official site.
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