Cherry Blossoms Viewing at Uenoonshi Park, Tokyo, Kiyomizu Kannnonndou, temple

Hi, I’m Fumi. You’ll enjoy viewing Cherry Blossoms and eating Japanese curious foods at stand in Ueno that is famous area for tourists.

Ueno is famous for Ueno Zoo, temples, shrines, Panda in Ueno Zoo, museums and cherry blossoms viewing. From the end of March and the beginning of April, cherry blossoms broom beautifully at Ueno Onshi Park, Ueno Zoo near Ueno Station in Tokyo.

This park is very crowded by many tourists and Japanese especially at the Cherry Blossoms Viewing season. I’ve never seen Cherry Blossoms at Ueno, so this is my first time to see it in 2018, Tokyo.

I found some curious things in Ueno. So, I share those things in this article.  

Exciting Yatai Tour in Uenoonshi Park, Ohanami season

Yatai, Japanese street foods, grilled fish at Ueno Park, cherry blossoms

First, Tourists are interested in uncommon foods at food stands. We usually see these Japanese food, Takoyaki, Yakisoba, Oobannyaki, Daifukumochi and Yakitori(Skewered chicken).

I found the food stand is crowded by tourists. The owner grilled octopus, squid and turban shell over charcoal fire.

Most tourists took photos or videos and stayed there for a while. It seems uncommon that fish dances on a charcoal fire for visitors.

I heard that visitors from different countries don’t eat law fish, but Japanese love to eat law fish. How about you? Have you ever tried to eat law fish in your hometown or cities that you visited?

Keep clean at Ueno Park, Cherry Blossom Viewing

Separate garbage at Ueno Park, Ohanami, cherry bloosoms

Next, there are garbage on the edge of the street at Ueno Onshi Park. Many cherry blossoms bloom on the both sides.

Many Japanese and tourists have Ohanami party under cherry blossoms. They eat bento (boxed lunch), sweets and have beer!

After having them you can take them to garbage. There are some waste boxes, burnable trash, non-burnable trash, cans and recyclable trash. Don’t mix all trash in a same bag, separate them in each bag.

I think that taking our trash with us is very good. But if you go shopping or keep sightseeing, take your trash to garbage. Separating burnable or non-burnable trash is rules in Japan.

Essential thing at Japanese Festivals, Shinobazunoike benntenndou

Fox mask, Uenoonshi park, Shinobazunoike benntenndou, Tokyo

Finally, you can find Japanese typical culture except food or snack stands. I found fox masks behind the shrine(Bentendou)near Ueno Zoo and Ueno shinnobazu pond.

I always see character’s masks, for example, Hello Kitty, Doraemon, Pikachu and so on at Japanese Festivals. But this mask is not common for me.

Noh artist put on fox mask when they play. You’ll see Noh artist at Nohgaku, Japanese traditional performance.

There are several reasons for a fox mask, I tell you the one of the tradition. It’s said that fox is envoy from the god of harvest.

You can touch these fox masks! Have fun to put them on your face. To experience Japanese local cultures are good way to know different cultures.