Don Quijote in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, discount shop, get souvenir

Hi, I’m Fumi.
When you go abroad, do you want to get local products, fancy and uncommon goods?

Nowadays, we have discount stores everywhere in Japan. I share Don Quijote, the best of a discount store that a lot of tourist visit in Tokyo goes to.

You can buy Japanese food, daily necessities if you stay Japan for a long time and variety goods.

In this article, I share Japanese drink and variety snacks at Don Quijote, Ikebukuro in Tokyo. This is my first time to go to Don Quijote, so I felt like a tourist:)

Fancy Handmade Japanese snacks

Handmade Japanese snacks, sushi.

I found many snacks underground. You’ll see them from bottom to top in store shelves. We can buy these kinds of handmade snacks at store near our house too.

Popin Cookin,handmade Japanese snacks, dumpling, Taiyaki, daifukumochi

I have a daughter, she sometimes wants to get these weird homemade snacks. I rarely allow her to get them, but she looks fun while she made them by herself.

These snacks are tiny so you can concentrate on it. You’ll remember art class while you make them.

Why don’t you try to make it once? This will be very fancy souvenirs and it’s easy to pack them in your suitcase.

They are light boxes and they aren’t broken easily. Have fun to make Japanese snacks in your house or hotel room!

Green tea flavor snack, Matcha

Japanese like to eat Matcha, Green Tea flavor snacks and food, OREO CRISPY

Have you ever eaten Green tea flavor OREO? When you visit Japan, you’ll see various kinds of green tea food and snacks.

Green tea is not sweet at a tea ceremony, so I couldn’t drink it. Because it’s very bitter for me.

What kinds of green tea flavor snacks can you get this Don Quijote in Ikebukuro? You can buy green tea flavor chocolate, cookies and milk candy.

It’s interesting to taste competition! Get some of different green tea flavor snacks and eat them with your friends or family. You’ll find your favorite one.

Japanese sake

Japanese osake, shoucyu in bottle or box, Japanese Alcohol

Have you ever tried to drink Japanese alcohol, sake? I couldn’t drink it, because I’m not strong.

So I can’t tell you what Japanese sake is exactly. I’ve never seen various kind of Japanese sake at the same time.

Sake comes in many sizes, from small bottles to big bottles. If you try to drink it the first time, I recommend that you choose the small one, first.

You can take it to your home as Japanese souvenirs, if you find your favorite one. And have osake tasting party with your friends!

What place is it?

Inside Don Quijote, Japanese discount store, daily necessities, Tokyo

It is very narrow floor and many products are stacked in store shelves on both sides in this building. Aisle is like a one-way and many customers are in line in front of a cashier.

If you are in a hurry, choose products quickly and hurry to go a cashier. There are various kinds of daily necessities, so you can’t decide what to buy soon.

But finding cool or fancy goods that you’ve never seen is really fun! Get them as souvenir.

Information about Don Quijote , Ikebukuro, Tokyo

I tell you how to get to the Don Quijote in Ikebukuro.

Adress Tokyoto Toyoshimaku Minamiikebukuro 1-22-5
Business Time 24hours,
Access Soon , Ikebukuro station East ticket gate
Nearest Station Ikebukuro Station
Languages Japanese
Telephone number 03-5957-3311
Shop in Ikebukuro, Web site
Payment method Credit card

If you want to know more about Don Quijote, you can check the official site.
【The official site, Don Quijote 】