Gashapon Street in Tokyo Station, Souvenir toy figures, Japanese Anime, ガチャポン東京

Are you interested in Japanese Animation? For example, DRAGON BALL, PoKeMoN, ONE PIECE, GANDUM and so on.

If you like Japanese Animation, you definitely want to get their toys or products! I tell you the way to get them easily as souvenir in Tokyo.

I recommend you that the Miniature products in small capsule. We call it ” Gashapon” or ” Gacya”. What exactly is GASHAPON?

Small toys in a capsule, like small figurines, keychains, badges and so on. It’s like a toy vending machine and you can get it within 500 yen. Those product qualities are high, and it’s a popular machine from kids to adult.

Kids plays Gashapon, small Japanese Anime toys in a capsule, Tokyo Station

You’ll see this machine in front of book stores, amusement arcades and chain restaurants. But it’s difficult to find the Anime character that you like.

Where you get Anime products easily in Tokyo.

There’s a Gashapon shop in Tokyo Station’s shopping mall. It’s located underground at Tokyo Station and cross the aisle from Pocket Monster shop.

How to buy Japanese manga products from Gashapon, toy machine

How to play Gashapon in Tokyo Station, character street, ガチャポン東京駅一番街

First, insert 100 yen. Second, turn the handle until it stops. After that, capsule drops off the exit. Next, take and open it. Finally, give capsule back in a box and get the product.

It’s exciting or nervous because you don’t know what type of capsule pops up! You might be disappointed if you get goods you aren’t interested in the character. Interestingly, some people try to pay money until they get their favorite character’s one. If you don’t have enough coins, you can exchange money at the shop.

What kinds of Japanese manga products are in Tokyo Gashapon shop

Get Pocket Monster ball, figure in Tokyo、ポケモン,ガチャガチャ東京駅

What kinds of Japanese manga do you like? Most tourist are interested in DRAGON BALL, Pocket Monster and ONE PIECE. I didn’t see ONE PIECE products there.

Japanese sword toy, vending toy machine, Tokyo Station Gashapon Street

And you also can get the famous character goods in a world side, for example, STAR WARDS and Disney characters. Most kids want to get manga or kids TV program’s character, for example, Anpanman, Draemon and super hero.

If you come here with your family, you and your children will be enjoy and try to get some! These products prices are from 100 yen to 500 yen. It’s not expensive to buy one or two as Tokyo souvenir.

Pocket Monster Ball, USUM, ポケモンGO, Tokyo souvenir, PokeMon

Fortunately, they are light and small, not heavy and big, so there’s no trouble to get them a lot! Most products are small that you can fit in the palm of your hand. I’m glad you can get Japanese Manga product that you like one time.


I tell you how to get to the TOKYO GASGAPON STREET at Tokyo station.

Adress Tokyoto, chiyodaku Marunouchi 1-9-1
Tokyo Station Ichibangai, Tokyo Character Street
Business Time 10:00~20:30, open 365 days per year
Access Soon Yaesu ticket entrance
Nearest Station Tokyo Station (Tokyo Station’s Underground)
Languages Japanese
Shop in Tokyo, Web site

If you want to know more about Tokyo Gachapon Street, you can check the official site.
【The official site, Tokyo Character Street in Tokyo Station 】

You can check some products on the Gachapon official site.
【 The official site, Tokyo Gashapon Street in Tokyo Station 】