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Hi, I’m Fumi. Are you enjoy traveling Tokyo or are you going to come to Tokyo? Tokyo has many places to look around and experience Japanese culture. If you want to go many sightseeing spots efficiently, I recommend that you take Tokyo Metro(subway).

But it has the very complex network of lines, so it’s difficult a little bit to find the route. But you don’t have to worry about it.

If you go to Ueno Station Tokyo Metro, find the Tokyo Metro Tourist Information Board.It’s located at Ginza Line’s Exit, so you’ll find it easily. I share it in this article.

The Best Way to travel Tokyo Efficiently on the Subway

It’s very convenient and comfortable to get in Tokyo Metro to go to sightseeing spots efficiently. Tokyo is very huge city, so you have to walk lot if you take JR train. For example, I sometimes go to Ginza and I always take JR train from my nearest station.

So, I get off at Yurakucho Station. I never check the length of time to get to Ginza from Yurakucho Station. I think that it will takes about 8 mins on your foot. But you can get to the center of Ginza about 3 mins from Ginza Station, Hibiya Line Tokyo Metro.

In Tokyo Metro stations, there’s route map on Multi-functional Ticket Machines, but you’ll confuse with many various kinds of colorful complex lines. In those cases, go to the Tokyo Metro Tourist Information Board and search the route you need to know.

But I found the board at Ueno Station. If you stay in Ueno or change lines there, you can find and search routes you want to know near the Ginza Line Exit.

How to use the Tokyo Metro Tourist Information Board

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It’s easy to use this board if you can read English. First, touch the screen and select a route map or a landmark. After you touch the point, you find the station’s name there. Then, touch the sign, “End Here”. Next, touch the “search” on the left side in this screen.

Finally, you can know the direction, fare, time of length and times of transfer. Amazingly, QR code appears on the screen, so you can follow the link. You can check the direction while you are in Tokyo subway. What a convenient!

Information about Tokyo Metro Tourist Information Board

I tell you where you find the Tokyo Metro Tourist Information Board in Ueno Station.

Adress 3-19-6, Higashiueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo (Hibiya Line)
7-1-1, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo (Ginza Line)
Business Time 365 days
Access Soon Ginza Line Exit at Tokyo Metro Ueno Station
Nearest Station Ueno Station (Tokyo Metro)
Languages Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese
Telephone number Hibiya Line : 03-3832-6629(Station Office),Ginza Line :03-3841-1662(Station Office)
Tokyo Metro, Web site

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【The official site, Tokyo Metro】

You can download the Tokyo Metro subway map.