Monorail, Haneda Airport, how to take, Tokyo, 浜松町, モノレール乗り方

Hi, I’m Fumi. When you go back to your country from Tokyo, Japan, which airport you go, Narita Airport or Haneda Airport International Terminal?

If you go to Haneda Airport, you have two ways to get there. Get in monorail or train. In this article, I tell you about monorail.

Get the Monorail ticket in Tokyo

I tell you how to get to monorail tickets. To transfer to Monorail, you get off JR train at Hamamatsucho that the next stop from Shinbashi.

When you get to the entrance gate for monorail, you’ll see ticket machine on your left. It takes 490 yen from Hamamatsucho to Haneda Airport International Terminal.

First, you press the screen of the ticket machine and choose ticket. After that insert coins or bill, you can get the Monorail ticket.

The way to get in the Monorail to Haneda Airport

Tokyo Monorail, to Haneda Airport, train, モノレール、羽田空港、浜松町

First, you insert 2 tickets, JR ticket and monorail ticket to the gate. And you get the only monorail ticket after you through there. Keep it until you get off monorail at the Haneda Airport.

Next, you go up the escalator to monorail platform, and you’ll be in lines in front of the entrance gate. After you get in it, you can put your luggage at the baggage storage. There are many big windows, so you’ll enjoy seeing views.

Information about Tokyo Monorail to Haneda Airport

I tell you how to get to Haneda Airport International Terminal, Tokyo.

Adress 2-4-12 hamamatsucho Minatoku, Tokyoto
Business Time The first to depart monorail,4:59 am.
The last, 0:01 midnight
Access Soon, Hamamatsucho JR
Nearest Station Hamamatsucho JR
Languages Japanese, English
Telephone number 03-3374-4303
Web site
Hamamatsucho JR map
Hamamatsucho JR map2

If you want to know more about Tokyo Monorail, you can check the official site.
【The official site, Tokyo Monorail】