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Hi, I’m Fumi. Are you interested in traditional sports in the country where you travel? We can see many kinds of sports match while we travel if we have enough time to see.

If I trip to a foreign country that has an original traditional sport, I definitely want to see it there. Because I can’t to see it in other countries. In this article, I share about sumo that is a Japanese traditional sport.

Have you ever seen it in Japan or TV? Watching Sumo wrestler at Ryogoku Kokugikan is more powerful than watch on TV. Because you feel lively, hot and full of passion.

You can experience one of the Japanese traditional culture directly. I thought sumo was entertainment for elder people like my grandfather and grandmother.

But nowadays, young people and kids like my 9-year-old daughter are interested in it and go to see the tournament.

Best 3 Sumo goods as Japan’s souvenirs

First, I recommend buying sumo wrestler face mask because it’s useful for Halloween or surprise party, isn’t it? It makes your friends or family surprised and laugh, and everyone try to put it on their head once.

I was very curious on it but I didn’t try to put it on. I felt embarrassed to wear it alone. I’ll go there with my friend or family and try to wear it next time!

I think the mask will be bigger than your head. That’s why, sumo wrestler is bigger than us, normal size people.

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Second, I think that table wears are useful and reminds your Tokyo trip. Sumo wrestler, sumo wrestler’s name with Chinese character and tools of sumo tournament are printed on bowls, plates, glasses and other table wears.

You can use it while you eat something. And it’s a good idea to put flowers in glasses or pottery tea cup. You can get them only in Japan! The last one is T-shirt!

Many different sizes are being sold for kids to adult. Amazingly, cute sumo wrestler characters are printed in front of T-shirts. The character tells you what sumo wrestler do about the basic action on the ring. You can pretend to do it like a sumo wrestler.

How to buy Tokyo Sumo Tournament Tickets.

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We can watch sumo tournament 6 times in a year, January, March, May, June, September and November. It held at Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan Hallfor two weeks at January, May and September.

There are two basic types of seats, Arena seats and box seats that are for groups of 4 and more. First, you check days at the tournament schedule. Next, choose the type of seats you want to sit.

Ringside Seats, you pay 14,800 yen. At box seats, you sit on floor. You pay from 9,500 yen to 11,700 yen for 2,3 or 4 guests. You sit on chair at Arena seats on the 2nd floor and you pay from 2,300yen to 4,900 yen.

Then, you check available seats in the internet. When you purchase sumo tournament tickets, check the Japan Sumo Association’s official English website or call.

You can also buy tickets directly at Ryogoku Kokugikan on the day, but it will be very crowded. So, I recommend getting your tickets in the internet in advance.

How to get to the Kokugikan?

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Kokugikan is located near JR Sobu Line, Ryogoku Station. It takes only 1 minute from the station, west exit. If you move to Ryogoku from Shinjyuku, you take JR Soumu Line and it takes about 21 minutes without changing trains.

If you are Tokyo, first you take JR Yamanote Line to Akihabara. And transfer to JR Soumu line there and get off at Ryogoku Station. It takes about 11 minutes.

If you are Asakusa, first you take Toei Asakusa Line and change a train at Kuramae Station, Tokyo Metro Toei Oedo line. Finally, you will arrive at Ryogoku Station, Toei Oedo line.

It takes about 20 minutes. After that you have to walk to Kokugikan and it takes about 5 minutes from Exit A4. If you have a good luck, you can see sumo wrestler around Kokugikan who wear kimono or yukata.

While the Grand Tournament, many audience or fan of sumo wait to see favourite sumo wrestlers near the Kokugikan gate.

Information about Kokugikan

I tell you where you find Kokugikan.

Adress 3-28, 1 chome, yokozuna sumidaku, Tokyoto
Business Time depends on the season
Access 1 min from Ryogoku Station
Nearest Station Ryogoku station
Languages Japanese, English
Telephone number 03-3623-5111
Kokugikan, Web site

If you want to know more Kokugikan, you can check the Nihon Sumo Kyokai official site.

【The official site, Nihon Sumo Kyokai】