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Hello, I’m Fumi. I introduce the one of famous Japanese seasonal food in cafeteria. Have you ever seen or tried to drink matcha, green tea? Matcha is made from natural green tea leaves.Most Japanese have drunk it for a long time.

We used to serve hot green tea for guests and drink it while we took a rest or after eating meals. But nowadays, we enjoy eating matcha sweets, ice cream and cold green tea.

You can find it everywhere in Tokyo, Japan, for example at cafeterias, restaurants, convenience stores and drugstores. In this article, I tell you a cafeteria that is located in the famous sightseeing spot, Asakusa in Tokyo.

Having Japanese Green Tea at Asakusa Cafeteria

I went to Asakua in a hot summer, so I was very thirsty because I walked lot in a crowd. I found a small cafeteria that has a nice and traditional ambience. You want to feel like you travel into the Japanese old days, don’t you?

I found the unique things inside the café. You can ask a waitress what those things are. It’s fun to have communicate with local Japanese.

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It has various kinds of green tea or tea with topping in the menu. I had a cold green tea with ice cream on it. Green tea is bitter and vanilla ice cream was sweet.

So, I had cream one bite first, after that I drunk tea. Unfortunately, there were lot of ice cubes in the cup, so I couldn’t have lot green tea. If you don’t need ice cube, you can say it when you order.

How to get the Matcha Cafeteria, Chakura from Asakusa Station.

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This cafeteria, Chakura is located near Asakusa Nakamise shopping street in Tokyo near Asakusa Station. It takes about 3 minutes from Asakusa Station. You take Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Tobu Skytree Line, Toei Asakusa Line to come here.

You choose 2 ways to get there. One way, you walk through the famous Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street and turn right at the forth corner. You’ll see this café on your left.

The other way, you walk through Kannon street that is on the next Asakusa Nakamise Shopping street and you turn left at the end of the street.

You’ll see this cafeteria on your right. You’ll enjoy seeing or buying Japanese souvenirs before or after you get there at these 2 shopping streets.Have fun to drink matcha flavor while you walk lot in Asakusa, Tokyo!

Information about Chakura in Asakusa,Tokyo

I tell you how to get to Chakura near Asakusa shopping street in Tokyo.

Adress 2-2 2 chome Asakusa Taitouku, Tokyoto
Business Time 10:30 am – 06:30 pm, 365 days open
Access Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Toubu Skytree Line
Nearest Station Aakusa Station
Languages Japanese
Telephone number 03-5830-0077
Chakura, Web site

If you want to know more about Chakura in Asakusa, Tokyo, you can check the official site.
【The official site, Chakura 】