Japanese girls festival in March, Ohinasama dolls, custom in Japan

Hi, I’m Fumi.
Do you have a girls day to pray for growing healthy in your town?

Japanese celebrate the girls growth for a long time traditionally.
Most parents have Ohinasama that dolls wear a traditional Japanese costume, kimono.

It’s a special dolls for them.
They pray ther daughter’s healthy growth, so they display Hina doll at their house in March every year.

What’s Hina ningyo in Japan?

Hinna ningyo

I have a daughter, so my parents bought her the gorgeus Hinna ningyo for their grandchild when she were born.
Of course, I had Hina doll for me at my parent’s house.

My mon’s parents bought her Hina dolls that has 7 steps and many goods on it for praying my healthy growth.

But It was not easy to display many dolls and goods on 7 steps.
It was so tall and took many times to set 7 steps.

small size of Ohinasama wearing Japanese traditional kimono

Nowadyas, we can get small Ohinasama that has no steps or 3steps.
Hinaningyo store have various size of doll, so we can get any size of it.

If you want have a traditionally big size of dall, you can buy Hina doll has many steps, many dolls and goods.

If you don’t waste your time to display it or don’t have a huge room, you can choose small Hinaningyo. My friend got a small Hinaningyo so she put them on a table.

How to display Japanese girl’s festivals, Hinaningyo

Setting Up the Hina Dolls at Japan House

I show you how to built the big Hina Dolls in a room.

How to set up Hina matsuri, Japanese dolls Festival

First, built the steps.
My daughter’s hina doll has 3 steps.

goods at the old age’s court in Japan

On the third steps, I display peach blossoms and

Hina matsuri in Japan’s girls traditional event

On the second steps, I display 3 ladies who work at a court.

Japanese traditional dolls

On the top, I display a emperor and empress
It’s hard work for me to built them at once.

But recently, my daughter helps me to display them!

easy to carry, small ohinasama dolls, as Japanese souvenir

If you visit Japan in winter,you can see Hina doll at department stores and toy shops.
Why don’t you get small one as Japanese souvenir?

It doesn’t matter whether you have girls or not.
Small Hina doll reminds you to go to Japan!