GRANSTA Tokyo Station, souvenir stores

Hi, I’m Fumi.
Buying souvenirs for yourself or family is one of the pleasures of travel.

What kind of things do you want to buy in Tokyo?
Where do you get them?
I share one of wonderful souvenirs in Tokyo Station.

Buy souvenirs in GRANSTA, Tokyo station

Tokyo Station is very crowded by tourists everyday, especially weekend and holidays. Because it’s the center of transportations in Japan.

There are many restaurants, cafeterias and various kinds of souvenir shops. If you want to get Japanese style of goods,I recommend that some souvenir stores in GRANSTA.

It’s located near escalators Soumu line. You’ll get this line when you go to Narita Airpot.

Beautiful Japanese pattern’s general goods

Japanese souvenirs in Tokyo, Kyoto, seisuke88

Have you ever seen these beautiful patterns in your hometown? You can buy Japanese pattern’s mirrors, wallets, aprons, bags and glasses case at this shop.

Souvenirs Japanese wallet, or mini bag, seisuke88, Tokyo Station

This style of wallet is traditional style in Japan.
Nowadays, most Japanese don’t have it, but some people put coins or beauty cosmetics in it.

I put bus or street car’s ticket in it when I was a child.
You can get limited items in Tokyo Station.

Japanese chopsticks, very popular as souvenirs

Japanese chopsticks as souvenirs にほんぼろ, Tokyo Station

I found some gorgeous chopsticks for adults and but ones for kids.
They sell several different length chopsticks for kids because children have different size of hands.

And also, you can get colorful and but designs chopsticks for kids.
I found the exciting service at this store!

Store clerk print your name on them if you order.
You’ll find limited designs of chopsticks in Tokyo Station.

Friendly clerk at souvenir shop


If you need any information of goods, you can ask clerks at the shop.
I think they are friendly.

Because they explain how to use the product and tell you the way to choose the length of chopsticks for your kids.
In addition, they like to recommend limited products there.

Because those items are available only in Tokyo Station!
I recommend that you buy souvenirs before you get in a train.
Looking around souvenir shops is fun!

Information about souvenir shops at Tokyo Station, GRANSTA Marunouchi

I tell you how to get to souvenir shops in GRANSTA Marunouchi at Tokyo Station.

Adress Tokyoto, chiyodaku Marunouchi 1-9-1
Tokyo Station GRANSTA
Business Time 09:00 – 22:00 (Monday to Saturday, holidays)
09:00 – 21:00 (Sundays, the last day of consecutive holidays)
Access Soon, Marunouchi underground chuo ticket entrance
Nearest Station Tokyo Station (Tokyo Station’s Underground)
Languages Japanese
Shops in Tokyo Station,Web site

If you want to know more about souvenir shops at GRANSTA, Tokyo Station, you can check the official site.

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