Hi, I’m Fumi.
I enjoyed walk around various kinds of Food stands in front of a shrine.

Many foods stand open the both sides of the road to a shrine in Japan.
So visitors to a shrine enjoy looking or eating traditional Japanese soul food tour before they get to a shrine.

Best Street Food in Japan, Eating Tour

I’ll show you fast foods that are well-known in Japan.

Cotton candy in Summer Festival in Japan

Most kids love a cotton candy.
I always buy a cotton candy at a fair, enjoyed choosing a character on the plastic bag.

By the way, my daughter doesn’t like a cotton candy, so she’s not interested in it when we go to a festival.
She always eat yakisoba ( fried noodle) and kakigoori ( shaved ice).

Daifuku mochi, Japanese sweets

Mochi is made of rice, and it’s soft rice cakes.
It’s soft and sticky and chewy, so be careful to eat it.
Nowadays, you enjoy many flavors red bean paste in it.

Japanese soul food, okonomiyaki, street food, Tokyo

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese style of Pancakes, contain egg, cabbages, pork, flours, water and lot of vegetables.
I’ve loved okonomiyaki since I was a kid.

I sometimes ate it for dinner with rice!
It’s a main food for me:)

Grilled chicken, Yakitori, Japanese food stand

Eating yakitori makes you want a beer. Many Japanese eat it with beer at a yakitori restaurant. It looks like a German to eat sausage and a beer!

Japanese street food, snack, Takoyaki, octopus balls

Takoyaki is a soul food for people who live in Osaka.
You can enjoy putting various kinds of ingredients in it, for example, vegetables and seafood.

Kids like to eat corn and ham or sausage with it.
What ingredients do you try to put in it?

How to make Obanyaki, Japanese red bean paste cake

Traditional Japanese sweets, red bean paste or custard cream in them.
I love custard cream Obanyaki.

Have you ever eaten one of them, when you came to Japan?
I recommend daifuku mochi.
You can get it everywhere in Tokyo, so try to eat soft and chewy mochi.

When and Where you can eat Japanese Festival Food?

Yatai, Japanese Street Food, Festival custom

Where can you look around the food stand?
And when can you enjoy eating tour in Japan?

You’ll enjoy eating tour in January, the New Year at a shrine.
And Summer Festival, for example, fireworks and matsuri.

Are you disappointed to hear that?
Don’t worry about it.

You can find these fast food restaurants at the town that you visit!
It’s easy to fine them at a shopping mall, or sightseeing spots.

Have fun to eating tour in Tokyo, Japan!