Eating tour, Japanese fish shaped waffle

Hi, I’m Fumi.
Do you like Japanese snacks?

We have many traditional food, Takoyaki,Udon noodle, Yakisoba, Okonomiyaki, Mochi, dango and so on. I share the Japanese traditional snack, Taiyaki in this article.

It looks like a fish, it’s Japanese fish shaped cake.
Taiyaki is loved from kids to elder people in Japan.

You can find the Taiyaki shop at the town that you visit in Japan.
It’s easy to get it at food stand in a shopping mall or at a festival.

Japanese buy Taiyaki something like buying doughnuts.
I always get Taiyaki at a shopping mall.
We have some different types of Taiyaki shop.

Customers favor’s changing for Japanese snack

New style of Croissant Taiyaki, Japanese sweet red bean paste cake.
One of them sell crispy dough like a pie and others sell fluffy dough like pancakes.
My family like it that has fluffy dough like pancakes.

Because we have been familiar with that taste since we were kids.
Nowadays, we can enjoy new style of Taiyaki.

So, it’s interesting to compare with old ones and new ones.
I recommend that you eat the both Taiyaki, and find your favorite one.

How to cook easily Japanese favor’s snack, Taiyaki

How to make Japanese fish shaped pancake, Taiyaki.

Ingredients are cake flour, baking powder, egg, milk, sugar and red bean paste.
First, mix all ingredients without red bean paste.

Second, pour them in a fish shaped pan when it gets hot.
Then add red bean paste on the batter for making Taiyaki.

And flip it over until they are brown on both sides.
Finally, it’s done!

Japanese fish shaped pancakes’s pan at a food stand.

If you don’t have a fish shaped pan, you can use a frying pan!
I don’t have this shaped pan too.

You just pour batter for making Taiyaki on a pan and add red bean paste or custard cream on it. After adding it, pour batter on it a little bit.

Then, you fry it up side down.
It’s not a shaped fish, but you’ll enjoy eating Japanese style of like pancake.

Have fun to eat or cook Taiyaki that is loved by Japanese!