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Hi, I’m Fumi. Have you ever landed on or departed from Tokyo Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal in Japan? You’ll visit once or twice while you are in Tokyo to move another cities in Japan.

This Airport has 3Terminals- Domestic Terminal 1, Domestic Terminal 2 and International Terminal. In this article, I introduce the one of Japanese food restaurant in Domestic Terminal 2. There are 60 restaurants include 22 Japanese restaurants.

And you can find 9 Japanese noodle shops! Among them, I tell you the noodle shop that is located at the departure lobby. I ate nice udon noodle before I boarded airplane there.

Recommend Japanese udon noodle at Haneda Airport, Tokyo

Have you ever eaten or seen Japanese udon noodles? In general, you can see or eat hot udon noodle with soup or udon noodles that are served on a woven bamboo tray, called a zaru. You dip udon noodles in noodle soup base.

They are very nice because various kinds of ingredients are on them. But you’ll enjoy seasonable noodle menu too. In the summer season, most udon noodle shops sell limited menu during this season. I visited here in July, so I could eat limited cold udon noodles.

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Ingredients are grated radish, fried eggplant and fresh bonito flakes. Taste was fresh and mild, udon noodles were thick and chewy, so you have to chew them well. It doesn’t have much taste, so if you want more flavor you try to add soy sauce on them. I think that the taste will become strong.

How to order Udon Noodle at this restaurant?

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In front of the entrance, you can see menu on a wall or on the casher desk. After you order, you get a machine that is printed number on. It doesn’t take much time for waiting. Udon noodle is cooked quickly.

When your food is ready, the machine makes a sound. So you go to the counter to get udon noodle and take it to your sheet. After you eat them, you have to return plates by yourself. In this shop you have to take something you need to eat by yourself too, for example, spoons, forks, side plates, wet hand paper and so on.

Where is this Japanese udon noodle shop at Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal2?

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This Japanese udon noodle restaurant is located in the Departure Gate Lounge at Airport Terminal 2. If you board in ANA, Air Do and Solaseed Air, you can come here. After you go through the security checkpoint B, you ‘ll see it on your left.

You can also get Japanese lunch box, sandwiches, sweets as souvenir at ANA FESTA gift shop next to this udon noodle restaurant. Enjoy eating udon noodle with nice view of airplane at Tokyo Haneda Airport.

Information about ANA FESTA (soba & udon noodles) at Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal 2

Adress Haneda Airport Ootaku, Tokyoto
Business Time 6:00 am – 08:00 pm
Access Terminal 2 2F Gate Lounge (North)
Languages Japanese
Telephone number 03-5539-9000
Web site https://www.tokyo-airport-bldg.co.jp/en/shops_and_restaurants/store/204/

If you want to know more about ANA FESTA Gate 52 Food Shop (soba & udon noodles), you can check the official site.
【The official site, ANA FESTA Food Shop】


If you need any Haneda Airport Domestic terminal’s information, check the official site.