Hi, I’m Fumi.
What’s up?

I tell you old tradition in Japan.
Today’s theme is the Valentine’s Day

How the Japanese Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

What do Japanese                         give on the Valentine's Day

Can you guess?
We have a unique style to compare with others.

We don’t send a Valentine’s card each other.
The women give presents to men.

On this day, men don’t give anything to women.
I tell you Japanese Valentine’s Day culture in detail.

4 Types of Chocolates

A Guide to Valentine Chocolate in Japan

Women give chocolate to men such as bosses, friends or family.
And also girls give chocolate to boys at school or family.
But we have 4 types of meaning in these chocolates.

First, we give chocolate to men or boys who we don’t love.
We are just being nice.

And girls give chocolate to boys who are classmates or friends.
In these cases, the chocolates mean just for friendship, no romance.

Next, recently many women and girls give chocolate to friends each other.
It also means a girl’s friendship.

Then, some of women buy an expensive chocolate for themselves.
They treat themselves.

Because they work so hard, or passed the test and so on.
Finally, we give chocolate to a man or a boy who we love deeply.

A bunch of chocolates at department stores.

Valentine Chocolate at department stores in Japan

Where can we get a box of chocolates?
We can get a bunch of chocolate at department stores.
They display various kinds of chocolates.

Expensive ones and unique ones.
It’s a wonderful time to choose chocolates for women.
Of course, we’ll get them at grocery stores, convenience stores, and variety stores.

But, if you want to get a special or expensive chocolate, you’d better go to department stores.

Conclusion, we, Japanese doesn’t have a habit to send Valentine’s cards to each other.
On the other hand, we give some presents or chocolate to bosses and friends for a friendship.

And some of women treat themselves.
We enjoy giving chocolate on a Valentine’s day!