Hi, I’m Fumi.
I introduce variety goods that you can use on a table when you have meals.

variety goods in a kitchen,Japan

I sometimes see knife rest at a French restaurant.
Server put fork and spoon on it.

knife rest

And also, we have like this goods as Japanese style.
I show you some types of goods in Japan.

Have you ever seen them in Japan?

Some of these goods are made of wood, and it’s so light.
We put the tip of chopsticks on it.

Japanese wooden chopstick rest

Others are made of pottery.
I have famous movie character-TOTORO in Japanese animation movie.

I had shape of vegetable, for example, pumpkin, corn and eggplant when I was a child.

Famous Japanese movie character, Tororo

Children are interested in these cute goods.
When you teach the way to use chopstick, it’s so useful.

Children can know how to put chopsticks properly.
We always put the tip of chopsticks on the left side.

So, we put the good on the left side.

The best buy as souvenirs, Japan

Finally, if you put it on a table, guests will be delighted with it.
It is Omotenashi, hospitality of Japan.

And also your family or friends will be excited to get it as Japanese souvenirs.
Have fun to choose your favorite one!