Hi, I’m Fumi.
We have many rare snacks not in the overseas.

Matcha, green tea flavor is known well, I think. We also have snacks, big or small different size of unique snacks. I share Tokyo exclusive snacks, other cities exclusive snacks and various amazing flavor’s snacks in this article.

Must Buy Japanese snacks as Tokyo souvenirs

First of all, you can find Tokyo exclusive snacks and other cities or amazing flavor’s snacks in Tokyo Okashi Land at First Avenue Tokyo Station. It’s located near the Yaesu Central Exit soon, so you can find it easily.

I always found salty, maple syrup and vinegar flavor snacks at foreign countries. On the other hand, we have some amazing flavor snacks that you can’t imagine. You’ll be surprised at these flavor snacks.

For example, okonomiyaki flavor, monjyayaki flavor, shrimp flavor, soy sauce flavor, pickled plum flavor, soda flavor, apple flavor and so on.

I tried to eat okonomiyaki flavor pocky (Pocky is a stick shaped and taste like crunchy cookies.) when I was a student. The taste was like okonomiyaki of course!

I can imagine about apple or tangerine flavor, but I have no idea about apple flavor’s fried potato chips. How about you, can you imagine that?

If you can’t read Japanese, ask shop clerks about it. And choose crazy flavor snacks that you try to eat. It’s very exciting to eat them with your friends or family.

Next, you’ll be surprised at large size snacks. You always eat snacks or ice cream in a large size of bags or box. We always buy ordinary-sized snacks, you can get large size Japanese snacks only here.

You can also buy long and thick size cookies and snacks at this Tokyo Okashi Land in Tokyo Station, underground shopping mall. It’s fun to compare the size of them. You can get the normal size of snacks at convenience stores or drug stores.

Finally, you also enjoy eating freshly made snacks at Calbee+ store. There are tables and chairs, so you can take a rest too. If you are interested in potato ships with chocolate, try to eat it here without visiting Harajuku.

How to get to Tokyo Okashi (Snack) Land in Tokyo Station?

It’s easy to get to Tokyo Okashi Land at JR Tokyo Station. If you are somewhere in Tokyo, get on JR train or Tokyo Metro and get off trains at Tokyo Station. Next, go to the underground.

You’ll walk through “GRANSTA” that sell Japanese bento, Japanese foods, fancy and cool Tokyo souvenirs. Some shops sell the Tokyo Station limited products.

Then walk toward the Yaesu Central Underground Exit.You finally find these Japanese snack stores in front of the exit!

You must be tired after walking around Tokyo a lot, so enjoy having Japanese mysterious snacks while you take a rest at Tokyo Station. They are awesome as Japanese souvenirs.

Information about Tokyo Okashi Land in Tokyo Station

I tell you where you find the Tokyo Okashi Land at Tokyo Station underground shopping mall.

Adress 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda, tokyo
Business Time 9:00 am- 21:00 pm
Access Soon from the Yaesu Central Underground Gate
Nearest Station Tokyo Station
Payment method Credit card, cash
Languages Japanese
Tokyo Okashi Land , Web site https://www.tokyoeki-1bangai.co.jp/street/okashi

If you want to know more information, you can check the official site.
【The official site, Tokyo Okashi Land】

・Tokyo Okashi Land

・First Avenue Tokyo Station’s guide map in English, Chinese, Korean