Hot coffee in Japanese vending machine

Hi, I’m Fumi.
I tell you curious things in Japan!

Hot coffee from vending machine, Japan

Have you ever seen hot beverages in vending machine?
You can get hot coffee in cans.

A business man who came from the U.S.A was surprised about it.
He’s never seen hot coffee in cans in vending machine in his country.

What kind of hot coffee you can get?

You can get it everywhere easily in winter, Japan Can you guess what kind of hot coffee you can get.

You’ll get black hot coffee, less sugar hot coffee, milk coffee, espresso.
Also, you’ll get café au lait, hot cocoa, hot tea, milk tea, hot oshiruko (sweet red bean soup) and hot potage in vending machine.

Advise of getting a hot coffee in can

Hot coffee and cold coffee, Japanese vending machine

You have to be careful to get a hot coffee in can when you get.
Because there are 2 different color price tag of price in a vending machine.

Blue price tag means “cold “.
Red price tag means “hot “.

So you’ll push the bottom under the red price tag if you want to get a hot coffee in can.

And one more thing. It’s very hot, so you shouldn’t grab it directly for a long time. After you open the can, blow in it before you drink it.

You’ll feel warm and it makes you happy or gives you energy!

Hot coffee in winter, Japan

We have uncountable various vending machine, so you’ll find awesome hot beverages everywhere.

Enjoying buying hot coffee in cans from vending machine!