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Hi, I’m Fumi. Do you like collecting stationary goods? I used to collect fancy or trendy stationaries and goods are printed traditional Japanese pattern on them.

When you come to Tokyo, you’ll find Japanese stylish and trendy stationary goods at several stores. Especially, I recommend that you go to “itoya” in Ginza, Tokyo.

Ginza has many luxury shops, so most tourists go shopping or enjoy sightseeing at the hottest spots in Tokyo. Among them, itoya sells high quality stationaries. I’ll tell you what kinds of stationaries you can get here!

Get Cool JAPAN’s stationaries at itoya, Tokyo

Itoya’s building stands between BVLGARI and TIFFANY’s building in Ginza. You feel the different atmosphere between other stationary shops. Because this shop sells high quality stationaries and focus on Japanese traditional excellent goods.

So, you can find specialties for you and your family. If you have children or kids in your neighborhood, you’ll get some of them for going back to school as Japanese souvenirs.

They’ll be excited to get them. You can buy stickers of famous or characteristic of Japan, washi tape, greeting pop up cards of features in Japan, unique style of tag sheets and Japanese pattern’s origami!

Must buy unique greeting cards as Tokyo souvenir

pop up Japanese postcard, greeting 3D cards in Tokyo, summer features in Japan, souvenir, stationary shop, itoya, Ginza

Recently, we see pop up picture book at a book store, don’t we? But have you ever seen or bought pop up greeting cards? In Japan, we can get them easily.

In my mom’s case, she always sent pop up greeting card when my daughter’s birthday and Christmas every year since she was born. Compared to the others, pop up cars are expensive.

I visited this shop in May, so “itoya” already sell summer features postcards in Japan. For example, paper Japanese lantern, shaved ice shop, fireworks, flowers that brooms in summer, yo-yo that kids like getting at summer festivals and goldfish bowl.

All these things are made as pop up cards. When I see them, I feel that summer has come soon, and I remember of my childhood. They are made of thick paper and stand too, so you can enjoy looking at it while you work on your desk at office or house. It always makes you happy, I think.

3D Japanese greeting cards, Kyoto, Sumo wrestler, Tokyo souvenir, stationaries, Ginza, itoya

It’s not only for summer features in Japan, you’ll also find the famous traditional things pop up postcards in Japan. For example, Mt. Fuji, sumo wrestler, gateway of a shrine and Kabuki that the classical Japanese performing arts.

You can find your favorite Japanese fancy style of 3D pop up greeting cards here!

Don’t Miss beautiful Japanese Origami paper

Japanese Origami, cheap souvenir in Tokyo, itoya, Ginza, stationary shop

Japanese origami paper is well known for beautiful and colorful. It’s an awesome souvenir for your friends or family in your country.

You can find origami everywhere, for example, book stores, stationary stores, drug stores and toy stores in Japan. They aren’t expensive and not heavy, so they are perfect for buying as souvenir.

When I visited an elementary school in America 5 years ago, students were excited to get origami that I gave. Some of boys said “This is so COOL!”, and they tried to folded paper cup or something with me.

Itoya sells various kinds of Japanese origami, so you’ll be fun to choose them. If you don’t know how to fold origami, you also get origami books. Enjoy folding animals, things around you, flowers and so on!

Kawaii Tag Sheet for books and Bullet Journal

Japanese sumo wrestler tag sheets, Tokyo stationary shop, itoya,

Can you find important things or schedules in your journal or schedule notebooks? It’s very easy to find them to put tag sheet on it.

Recently, tag sheets are very popular and Kawaii (cute), fancy and unique tag sheets are sold at stationary shops in Japan. Especially, you’ll find various kinds of unique tag sheets in Tokyo.

I found sumo wrestler are printed on it. You can get many different sizes of them here. You can write memo on a wide tag sheet, and small tag sheets are useful to find the important memo or tells you the last page you read.

While I looked around in this store, some of foreign tourists came into this itoya and show their smiley face to find some unique stationaries for them. Most ladies bought tag sheets and washi paper to decollate something. Have fun to look around and find the best souvenirs in Ginza, Tokyo!

Information about itoya, Japanese stationary store

I tell you how to get to itoya in Ginza, Tokyo.

Adress Tokyoto cyuouku ginza 2-7-15
Business Time 10:00~20:00 (from Monday to Saturday)
10:00~19:00(Sunday and holiday) , open 365 days per year.
Access Soon , Tokyo Metro
Nearest Station Ginza Station (Ginza line, Marunouchi Line, Hibiya line)
Ginza- itchome Station (Yurakucho Line)
Languages Japanese
Telephone number 03-3561-8311
Shop in Ginza, Tokyo, Web site https://www.ito-ya.co.jp/ginza/

If you want to know more about itoya, you can check the official site.
【The official site, itoya in Tokyo】